Fike Fire Alarm

Addressable Fire Alarm System approved by UL/FM Fike

Fike Corporation products and services are approved and listed by many agencies and authorities having jurisdiction

Fike Corporation provides solutions for life and business safety and offers a complete line of fire, explosion and pressure relief products that protects lives, process machinery, equipment, valuable assets, and facilities all over the world. At Fike, we understand the necessity of minimizing business interruptions and downtime in the manufacturing process, the customer service center, computer room, and other high value facilities, and to protect the lives of those operating them. Fike has designed high quality safety and protection products for a broad range of industries, including chemical, aerospace, food processing, pharmaceutical, data storage rooms, telecommunications, museums, shipbuilding and many more. Products and services offered by Fike Corporation are typically designed to meet a well defined need, use or purpose. We satisfy our customers’ expectations, and comply with applicable quality standards and industry specifications. Product safety responsibilities and requirements are integrated throughout the companies registered ISO 9000:2000 and AS9100 Quality Management Systems.